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How to Throw an Online Mother’s Day Dinner Party

How to Throw an Online Mother’s Day Dinner Party

Lockdown is almost at an end, the final stretch is in sight but Mother’s Day, unfortunately, missed the cut-off. Not to worry, the team at Digby have a tried and tested method for throwing a smashing online dinner party.

If you are unable to spend the day together in-person, then follow these steps to ensure you still have a wonderful day.

The checklist

  • The right technology
  • A time to meet
  • A fancy feast
  • Fine fizz to enjoy together

The Right Technology

Digby's Virtual Dinner Party

Go hands-free! Either a laptop or a smart TV will be better suited for your dinner party, rather than a phone. Most smart TVs will have Skype built-in so you can connect with everyone at a central focal point. On the laptop, Skype is still a great option but you also have Zoom at your fingertips.

If the only option is a phone or tablet, just prop it up against something on the table with enough view for everyone to see the action.



A Fancy Feast

Cook Logo

One of the best things about Mother’s Day is going out for a nice meal together. Unfortunately, that’s not an option this year but don’t let that ruin your plans. Enjoy an amazing meal you both can share with a service like Cook; check out Cook’s Mother’s Day meal boxes. COOK’s food can be beautifully homey or sumptuous, depending on mood – but the great thing about using them for a Zoom is that your guests just need a timeline of when to slide everything into the oven, and can spend the rest of the time having proper quality time together with you on Zoom.

Digby’s Tips on using Cook Successfully

Beef wellington from CookCOOK fulfils its home delivery orders from the nearest branded COOK store to the delivery address, not from a central warehouse.

  • Create an account, then input any other addresses to whom you would like to send food into your Address Book. For one address at a time, fill the cart with the food you want the household to serve for your dinner.
  • Do not use the “Book Slot” button for this kind of multi-household party.
  • If you find specific, special items you want each household to have, it does not hurt to call Cook’s central call centre and have them check stock levels in the stores that will be doing your deliveries.
  • It does not hurt to call each store directly. Sometimes they will have a spare item squirrelled away that the main system at HQ doesn’t know about.

Fine Fizz to Enjoy Together

No meal is complete without something scrumptious to sip on. Here are a few meal options we would recommend for Mother’s Day along with our suggested Digby pairing!

  • Salmon wellington with a side of roast potatoes, peas and leeks with herb butter. Paired with our Digby Non Vintage Brut, a laid back wine that doesn’t overwhelm the delicate fish.
  • Moroccan spiced lamb tagine with a side of minted cous-cous. Paired with our Digby 2010 Blanc de Noirs; the spices work so well together.
  • Beef wellington with a side of dauphinoise potatoes. Pair this with Digby 2014 Vintage Rosé, the beef brings out a delectable quality in our rosé.

Vintage Rose

In Conclusion

We hope these top tips help you take your mother out for a sumptuous, special meal, all from the comfort of your own homes. We’ve also put together a Mother’s Day gift guide. Check it out for more fizz inspiration to pair with your meal or if you’re looking for that perfect gift, like the Digby Pamper Pack.



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