The new vintage of Digby's flagship wine is now available! Look for the 2014 Vintage Reserve Brut.

2014 Vintage Reserve Brut

2014 Vintage Reserve Brut


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To green and pleasant!

The new vintage of Digby’s flagship wine comes from grapes hand-harvested from vineyards in Hampshire, Dorset, Sussex and Kent in 2014.

Like its award-winning predecessors, this English sparkling wine is led by Chardonnay grown on greensand for purity, structure and raciness. Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier planted in clay soils give texture, smokiness and va-va-voom.

Elegant, rounded and astonishingly fresh, this is a gently matured vintage wine. Drink now or store in your cellar for future  to drink now or place in your cellar for future festivities.

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Digby Fine English makes English sparkling wines that are racy yet sophisticated, and centred on excellence.

Using the highest quality grapes grown at our own vineyard and by our portfolio of carefully selected vineyard partners, we have perfected the art of blending to make the most of England’s fabulous terroirs. We then add the greatest ingredient of all – time – by allowing our wines to age into complex, interesting and unfailingly lively bottles to rouse your inner courage and curiosity, just like our namesake Sir Kenelm Digby.

2014 Vintage Reserve Brut

Poised yet plush, the 2014 edition of Digby’s flagship fizz is driven by Chardonnay grown on greensand for energy, impact and extensive ageing potential. Vibrant, smoky Pinots and a hint of oak fermentation provide richness, roundness and texture.

A carefully aged example of 2014’s beautifully ripe harvest.

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