2013 Vintage Reserve Brut Half Bottle

2013 Vintage Reserve Brut Half Bottle


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Half the wine – double the fun! Experience our trophy-winning flagship wine in miniature – the perfect stocking filler.

Dominated by Chardonnay grown on greensand, the smaller format of this wine retains the ‘sophisticated yet racy’ style that defines the Digby range. And you’ll notice different effects of ageing to the full-sized versions, with lovely rich, rounded flavours peeking through for a sumptuous sparkling treat.

WineGB named the larger bottle ‘Supreme Champion’ of 2023 and it is the official English sparkling of the House of Commons and the Royal Navy’s flagship, HMS Queen Elizabeth.

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These 37.5cl bottles contain Digby’s flagship wine, which boasts our trademark raciness balanced by richer, toasty notes from extensive maturation. Elegant and assured, this wine embodies the marvellous ageing potential of wines created on our English terroir with grapes hand-harvested in 2013.

This year, WineGB awarded the full-sized version a gold medal and four trophies:

  • Supreme Champion
  • Top Sparkling
  • Best Vintage Classic Cuvée
  • Southeast Regional Award

Technical details:

Blend: 65% Chardonnay
25% Pinot Noir
10% Pinot Meunier
Dosage: 8g/l
Alcohol: 12%
Total acidity: 10.4g/l
pH: 3.3
Malolactic fermentation: Partial
Vineyard locations: Sussex & Hampshire (lead)
Dorset & Kent (supporting)
Soil types: Greensand (lead)
Chalk & clay (supporting)
1st fermentation: 89% stainless steel
11% oak
Time on lees: 5 years (minimum)
Vintages declared: 2009, 2010, 2013, 2014, 2018


Head Blender notes:

“We have been waiting for so long to release these half bottles! Our foray into smaller format, they are where excellence meets experimentation. They’ve got freshness, vitality and, oh yes, the incredible concentration of this 2013 vintage.

“I only declare a vintage for this style when Chardonnay, particularly that grown on greensand, shows the taut power and structure required for long ageing – a key principle of the Digby wines. Pristine yet sophisticated, this 2013 combines the energy of all special vintages with that harvest’s unique intensity. The wine’s extensive ageing ability is supported by deep levels of flavour from the Pinots on the lingering finish.”

Trevor Clough,
CEO & Head Blender

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