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Our Story

Digby Fine English sparkling wines

Digby Fine English is founded on the firm belief that England can produce world class sparkling wines – wines that stand up to the great and the good of global fizz. Through the art of blending and a commitment to ageing, we aim to delight wine lovers everywhere with a taste of England’s terroir and inimitable spirit.

That’s where our namesake comes in: Sir Kenelm Digby was a seventeenth century alchemist, astrologer, diplomat, philosopher, privateer and much more besides; a man of boundless curiosity and insatiable ambition, who just so happened to give us the modern wine bottle. We are inspired by his passion for innovation, engineering and excellence, adopting his academic rigour in our winemaking and zest for life in our hospitality.

With a bit of Sir Kenelm’s pluck, Digby has established itself as the country’s leading blending house, working with carefully selected vineyard partners across the South of England who are chosen for the quality of their land and viticultural ethos – a bottle of Digby doesn’t just contain the finest grapes going but also provides a true taste of the country’s varied soils and settings. We are fanatical about terroir and Digby’s distinguished style comes from grapes grown on a mixture of chalk, greensand and clay sites, which are then allowed ample time to mature as wines both on lees and under cork.

Portrait of Sir Kenelm Digby (school of van Dyck)

CEO and Head Blender Trevor Clough ensures that all of Digby’s wines are distinctive – each bottle within the range is a confident, unique expression with its own personality. Working closely with Consulting Winemaker Dermot Sugrue (often whispered to be the best in the country), they strive for wines of balance, elegance, complexity and character.

We have a Tasting Room in the historic town of Arundel, West Sussex, a convenient launchpad for exploring the surrounding wine regions that produce our grapes. From here, you can learn all about our work in the vineyard, in the winery and the all-important blending process whilst raising a toast:

To past and present,
To modesty and refinement,
To foibles and follies,
To courage and curiosity,
To adventure and abandon,
To science and satire,
To bishops and brigands,
To green and pleasant,
To England.

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