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Our Wines

Our pursuit of excellence is waged through the refined art of blending, with CEO Trevor Clough as our playful yet uncompromising Head Blender. “With every bottle, we hope to achieve world-class balance and elegance while being ever true to the fruit of England,” he says. “Any glass of Digby must be sophisticated yet racy. Each style is like a member of our family, every one with their own determined personality and crafty sense of humour.”

The difference between good and great fascinates us. As England’s first pure négociant (blending house), we believe the starting point for superior fizz is working with proven, best-in-class vineyards. Over a number of years, we have selected and built long-term relationships with meticulous, loving growers of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. We vinify these grapes with the guidance of winemaking supremo Dermot Sugrue, coaxing out the unique character of each parcel of fruit. The wines are then aged – amply – to add texture, depth and, of course, character.


Our Wines
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Our Wines
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2013 Vintage Reserve Brut

Our trophy-winning flagship wine, now 10 years old to match Digby itself. A wine led by Chardonnay grown on greensand and aged on its lees for at least five years, plus plenty more in bottle.


2018 Vintage Rosé

The first wine featuring fruit from Digby’s Hilden Vineyard, our finest Pinot Noir site. A powerful yet refined wine from the scorching 2018 summer that will age for years to come.

Non Vintage Brut

Our “because it’s Tuesday!” wine because it suits every occasion. Pinot Noir takes the lead in this more relaxed rendition of our house style, which has lately been flying with British Airways in Club World.

Leander Pink NV Brut

Digby Fine English is proud to be the official sparkling wine producer of Leander Club, the world’s most successful rowing club. Money from each bottle goes towards training up Leander’s elite athletes, and we hope it conjures images of strawberries and cream by the water’s edge.

2010 Blanc de Noirs Brut

A white fizz made from only red grapes, our 2010 Blanc de Noirs was a precious gem in the Digby crown with only 1,500 bottles produced. We launched this wine exclusively to our Kenelm Club.

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