Hilden Vineyard

Hilden Vineyard

Digby’s Hilden Vineyard was first planted in 2014 by Philip Wright and his wife Siggi. Following a career at Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Philip studied viticulture at Plumpton College and planted vines on the land behind his home in Hildenborough, near Tonbridge, Kent.

With its first harvest in 2018, this newcomer to the Digby vineyard portfolio immediately took centre stage for the phenomenal quality of its Pinot fruit in particular. In late 2021, it became Digby’s first vineyard acquisition.

As CEO and head blender Trevor says, “It’s very rare for a vineyard to win ‘best in show’ on its first harvest but Hilden had the most fabulous debut and has performed every year since. The wines win hands down in our tastings – they’re unfailingly elegant and structured on their own, without having to do a lot to them. They’re just a gift, so why wouldn’t we want them for ourselves?”

The vineyard is managed by Digby’s wine team and hosts seasonal events. Subscribe to our newsletter for further updates.

Digby's Hilden Vineyard, Kent.

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