The Digby Glass

The Digby Glass

The Digby English Sparkling Wine Glass™ by Gurasu London glass went on sale in 2018, becoming the first glass to be designed specifically for English sparkling wine.

We want you to get the best out of your fizz, to experience the sensory gamut of our English terroir, and so our CEO and Head Blender Trevor spent two years developing the perfect glass from which to drink Digby Fine English alongside Joanna Maya of Gurasu London, the Mayfair-based crystal glassware specialists.

The sleek, modern design nods to antique Georgian flutes with its short, three-finger stem and to Sir Kenelm Digby’s original wine bottle structure with its inverted triangular shape. The bowl widens enough to swirl your wine and extract ample flavour (there is space to dive your nose in), and narrows towards the top to lock in those aromas. The fine point at the bottom of the flute provides the ideal bubble initiation, for a delicate mousse that retains its sparkle.

Handblown by expert craftsmen, the lead-free crystal is delicate yet sturdy, and we proudly serve our wine in these beautiful creations in our Tasting Room. Or shop online to get the most out of your English sparkling wine at home.

The Digby English sparkling wine glass by Gurasu London

Notes from Trevor Clough, CEO and Head Blender:

“England has its own unique terroir and style of fine sparkling wine, and this deserves its own vessel to show it off to best effect. Joanna and I wanted our glass to be a new British style icon, with its references to Georgian cut crystal antiques yet its ultra-modern crispness. It was also key for us that our glass is technically perfect to enjoy English fizz, with its complexity and lively personality. So now we have a proper glass for our increasingly world-famous new wine category.”

Notes from Joanna Maya, Owner, Gurasu London:

“My long-time desire has been to create a perfectly beautiful and unique glass for English wine. Hence, collaborating with Digby, the luxury English sparkling wine brand, was a no-brainer. We both have common ground and shared values inspired by British heritage, the luxury industry and the pursuit of excellence. The Digby Glass by Gurasu is produced following a tradition of using only the most highly skilled glass-blowers working with a selection of the best raw materials. I strongly believe that The Digby Glass will become a design classic.”


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