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The Digby Guide on Hosting a Virtual Quiz Night

The Digby Guide on Hosting a Virtual Quiz Night

Virtual quiz nights might not have been a thing in the past, however, it’s the best we have to the real pub quiz while we’re all stuck indoors. So, if you’re in the mood to have a laugh with your mates, here are a few tips for hosting your own Virtual Pub Quiz with Digby.


Digby Zoom


Pick your Platform

By this point, we’re all used to using Zoom, and it’s a great go-to for your Quiz Night. Another option to consider pairing with Zoom is Kahoot. Designed as a learning app, Kahoot has been adopted by Virtual Quizzers during the lockdown. Kahoot has several pre-made quizzes and the option to make your own from a template. There is a paid version but it is free for up to 10 people.


Create Your Questions

Arguably the hardest part, there are some great ways to keep things interesting. One idea is to go back through everyone’s Social Media posts from years ago, find the most hilarious ones, and then try to guess who wrote them during your quiz. If you’re finding it too difficult to create questions, check out these great ideas from Esquire for Creative Quiz Rounds.

Keep it Simple

While it will be fun catching up, having a laugh and answering a few questions; the novelty will wear off if your quiz night lasts for six hours. Much like a good film, the perfect quiz comes in three acts. Build-in two drinks and chat breaks, and you’ll be sound. Ideally, you want every household in the quiz to bring at least one round to the table, but you’ve got to have a hard cut-off at two apiece.


Cheese on table

Snacks and Drinks

Besides interesting questions, what snacks and drinks you have will make-or-break your quiz night. Check out our Digby Movie Night pack or our Party Starter Hamper for the ultimate quiz night.


No quiz night is complete without prizes at the end. Think gift cards or maybe a bottle of fizz for the winning team; our gift guide has plenty to choose from.


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