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Our Ethos

Our Ethos

The Digby Fine English house style is defined as ‘sophisticated, yet racy’. An energy, supported by a quiet sophistication. This is our take on the national terroir which we champion with restrained blending and winemaking and long lees ageing. All told, with love and respect for the unique beauty of English nature and terroir.

Having so carefully selected partner vineyards for their terroir, this allows each parcel of our fruit to shine in all its individual glory, with as little intervention as possible. We are proud of our portfolio of growers, each for their individual quality and collective variety of soils and grapes that creates blended magic. We would not achieve the Digby Fine English standard without it, let alone the Protected Designation of Origin legal status our wines earn.


The Digby Terroir Map of South East England

Every single grape that goes into our wine is either grown at our home vineyard in Kent: Digby’s Hilden Vineyard or by one of a handful of hand-tended vineyard partners in the South East of England. It is here that we have the perfect chalky soils and weather with a long, cool growing season to produce the ideal flavourful grapes for our luxury sparkling wine. Our traditional Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier varieties are of such quality that they consistently deliver world-class wines, which put England (and Digby!) firmly on the quality Sparkling Wine map.

Our commitment to the environment is embodied in the closing lines of the Digby Toast and replicated on every bottle we sell: To Green and Pleasant, To England.


The Digby Toast on the neck label

We have scrutinised, and continue to scrutinise, the grape to glass environmental consequences of every bottle of Digby sold and are proud to say that since 2020 every bottle sold has been Net Zero from a carbon emissions perspective. The Life Cycle Assessed (LCA), i.e., grape-to-glass, carbon footprint of a bottle of Digby is somewhere between 1.2kg and 1.75kg depending on where in the world it is consumed. Through our involvement with a local tree-planting project, we offset the remaining CO2 emissions for every bottle of Digby that we sell, whilst also focusing on every stage of the winemaking process to challenge our sustainability credentials. Read more here> Sustainability – Digby Fine English.


Digby Leander Pink in grapes

We are only satisfied with producing top-quality wines. Since our first medal was awarded from the very prestigious Decanter World Wine Awards in 2013, the year of our launch, we have gone on to win numerous medals and accolades with Wine GB and Champagne and Sparkling Wine World Awards where most recently we won Best English Rose for our NV Leander Pink. Read more here> Awards – Digby Fine English.

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