A Brace of Digby

A Brace of Digby


A pair of our Vintage wines.

1 x 2010 Vintage Brut with gift box (75cl)

Elegant yet forward, this vintage sparkling wine is a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes hand-harvested in English Wine Country. High energy on the nose with a rich body reflecting five years of lees ageing. A well integrated seam of acidity draws the sipper through layers of lemon magnolia and lightly poached apples to a long finish of brioche and gunpowder.

1 x 2014 Vintage Rosé Brut (75cl)

With a resounding generosity, this 2014 Vintage Rosé is inspired by Digby’s best Pinot Noir fruit since 2009. Creamy elegance gives way to a gentlemanly richness: we imagine Sir Kenelm Digby savouring a glass while reading a book in his famed library. Years of ageing accentuates the power of this fizz, making Digby’s rosé a highly versatile companion to food, equally ideal with delicately roasted beef, smoked salmon or a rich dessert.

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