A Knight With A Lord.

 A Knight With A Lord.

Open your diary and mark Friday 29th May, 5:30 pm.

Open your browser of choice and go to https://bit.ly/LordDigby where you can buy your “ticket”, one bottle of Non Vintage Brut, free delivery and a free ticket to join Lord Digby for only £32.00

Why I hear you ask?

Simply put my dear friend, you get a bottle of Non Vintage Brut delivered to your home and an invitation to our virtual event, where you can pop that cork, open the laptop (or your device of choice) and join Lord Digby and Trevor Clough for a good old chinwag.

Oh, and did we mention that delivery is free! That’s right. These are unprecedented times we are living in and while we seek your support as a small business, we want you to know we value that support. Head over to https://bit.ly/LordDigby and buy your bottle of our award-winning Non Vintage Brut and your ticket to Join Lord Digby on Friday 29th May 5:30 pm, (yes, that’s wine time!) you won’t have to pay for the privilege of it being delivered to your front door 😉

You mean the Lord Digby?

That’s right! The man knighted in 2005 for his Services to Business and Charity who became Sir Digby Jones in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours List.

The man who won the BBC’s ‘Celebrity Mastermind’ in 2010.

The man who published his first book titled ‘Fixing Britain – the Business of Reshaping Our Nation’ in 2011 and his second in 2017 ‘Fixing Business – Making Profitable Business Work for the Good of All’.

The man who was appointed Director-General of the Confederation of British Industry, the UK’s ‘Voice of Business’, and was able to put his ideas and beliefs into action.

That’s right. Lord Digby Jones is a highly accomplished international speaker, one of the world’s most acclaimed business and political commentators, he will be joining us, and you for a glass of Digby Fine English.

Raise your glass and your mouse.

Trevor Clough and Lord Digby will be exploring how strategy and innovation feed creativity and business success. How to discover in these challenging times, that there are opportunities, but you have to be nimble and flexible in your execution.

Dial-in links to the virtual event will be sent to guests a few days prior, for a fascinating conversation and a glass of wine throughout which guests can engage and raise a toast to British spirit and entrepreneurship.

It’s time.

It’s time to click your mouse, head over to https://bit.ly/LordDigby order your bottle of Non Vintage Brut for the event and put the date and time in your diary.

Friday the 29th of May. 5:30 pm. Bottles chilled and glasses ready to be charged for an evening with thought-provoking insights.

One that is not to be missed.


Starting on
29S May 2020
Ending on
29S May 2020
Share a bottle of Non Vintage Brut with us as we discuss the thrill and necessity of business and innovation, even as we all face unprecedented challenges in the world economy. Join Lord Digby Jones and Trevor Clough via Zoom for a fascinating conversation and a glass of wine throughout which guests can engage and raise a toast to English entrepreneurship. A unique event, not to be missed! Dial-in links to the event will be sent to guests a few days prior. Free delivery on the bottle of Non Vintage Brut
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