A Brace of Digby

A Brace of Digby


A pair of our Vintage wines.

1 x 2013 Vintage Brut (75cl)

Elegant yet forward, this vintage sparkling wine is a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes hand-harvested in English Wine Country. A long time ageing on lees builds complexity and balance. The 2013 vintage shows a pristine and concentrated profile that showcases the uniqueness of each vintage, and how special our vintage years are. Showing great confidence in ageing potential, this wine is supported by deep flavours from the Pinots on the lingering finish.

1 x 2014 Vintage Rosé Brut (75cl)

With a resounding generosity, this 2014 Vintage Rosé is inspired by Digby’s best Pinot Noir fruit since 2009. Creamy elegance gives way to a gentlemanly richness: we imagine Sir Kenelm Digby savouring a glass while reading a book in his famed library. Years of ageing accentuates the power of this fizz, making Digby’s rosé a highly versatile companion to food, equally ideal with delicately roasted beef, smoked salmon or a rich dessert.

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