Non Vintage Brut

Vibrant yet understated, this fizz is in its element at home on a Tuesday evening or at a party celebrating one of life’s big moments.   An engaging expression of Digby’s house style, it stems from England’s most luscious Pinot Noir with rich, aged Chardonnay and plummy Pinot Meunier.

‘For this blend I start by tasting my way through all of our Pinot Noir base wines. The Pinot Noir at the core of the Non-Vintage blend is bold and brassy, quite a character and was expressive even as the juice was running off the press. This is complimented by aged Chardonnay reserve wines which have spent an additional 1.5 years on the lees, which helps to retain the vitality at the heart of Digby’s house style while bringing a mellow richness to the blend. The addition of Pinot Meunier helps to keep the whole affair light and on its toes.’

                                               - Trevor Clough, CEO and Head Blender

RRP: £30.99 

Where to find it:

Hand & Flowers, Marlow, UK  
temper, London 
Jones Wood Foundry, New York
Raines Law Room, New York



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