The Digby English Sparkling Wine Glass

The Digby English Sparkling Wine Glass

Digby & Gurasu Launch First English Sparkling Wine Glass

We have enjoyed our fizz from every glass shape under the sun, but somehow, none of them quite did the wine justice. So we set out to design our own! In 2018 we launched the first glass designed specifically for drinking Fine English sparkling wine, through our partnership with Gurasu London, the luxury crystal glassware producer.

England has its own unique terroir and style of fine sparkling wine, and this deserves its own vessel to show it off to best effect. We wanted our glass to be a new British style icon, with its references to Georgian cut crystal antiques yet its ultra-modern crispness.  It was also key for us that our glass is technically perfect to enjoy English fizz, with its complexity and lively personality.  So, after two years of development, we launched a proper glass for our increasingly world-famous new wine category.

Joanna Maya, Owner of Gurasu London, says: “My long-time desire has been to create a perfectly beautiful & unique glass for English wine. Hence, collaborating with Digby, the luxury English sparkling wine brand, was a no-brainer. We both have common ground and shared values inspired by British heritage, the luxury industry and the pursuit of excellence. The Digby Glass by Gurasu is produced following a tradition of using only the most highly skilled glass-blowers working with a selection of the best raw materials. I strongly believe that The Digby Glass will become a design classic.”




  • Designed in London by Digby & Gurasu over two years
  • Hand-blown by expert craftsmen
  • Lead-free crystal glass, exceptionally thin and strong
  • A new modern, English design classic
    • Classical inspiration of Georgian cut crystal glass
    • Short, three-finger stem
    • Straight sides echo the energy of English terroir
    • Enclosed shape perfectly reveals the complexity and sophistication of English terroir



  • Opening of the rim just the right width for the nose
  • Thin, smooth rim so as not to interrupt the flow of the wine onto the tongue
  • Curved shape at the top of the glass creates a micro world of sensory magic above the surface of the wine, with each bubble releasing layers of flavour to be experienced by the most powerful human sense, smell
  • Wine can be swirled to release the full range of complex, subtle aromas from the layers of English terroir and long bottle ageing
  • Versatile capacity which is designed to hold 125ml as shown here, while a larger pour of 150ml can also be elegantly served
  • Uninterrupted view of the wine so one can see its colour, texture, mousse and bubble structure
  • Ideal bubble initiation so that the small bubbles of luxury English sparkling wine can be appreciated
  • Comfortable three-finger stem to hold the glass without warming the wine, echoing traditional cut crystal English glasses and imparting a low centre of gravity which helps protect against breakages
  • Dishwasher safe, and hence applicable for luxury hospitality settings
The Digby English Sparkling Wine Glass
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The Digby English Sparkling Wine Glass
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