On Saturday 12th October, England was supposed to play France in the Rugby World Cup however a typhoon in Japan meant the French got away with a draw. In the tasting room, however, we didn’t let them get away so easily as Alex, our Tasting Room Manager,  pitched Champagnes head-to-head with wines from the Digby collection in our blind tasting event!

Each of our 12 attendees were presented (blind) with four pairs of wines – each pair comprised one of our wines alongside a Champagne of comparable style and price.  They each had to select their preferred wine from each pair.

We are proud to say that overall, Digby and England were victorious  – check out the score board!  England 35 : France 13.


“There is only one region which could emulate the region of Champagne with latitude at the extreme, chalky soils and long growing season. That is the Southern counties of England.” —Jancis Robinson

Please accept our apologies for getting a bit overexcited about this, but we believe that no other sparkling wine category has ever truly challenged Champagne on their own terms and won. This is part of the English Wine Movement – making world-class wines that stand on their own and bow down before no one.

UK demand for sparkling wine is strong

Champagne as we know it has been made for around 200 years.

A few points about the market:

  • UK is the world’s #1 sparkling wine export market, consuming 109 million bottles in 2010
  • UK is where the luxury sparkling wine drinkers are: UK is the #1 market for Champagne exports at 34.5 million bottles in 2011.  The next nearest Champagne export market is the US, with 19.4 million bottles (demonstrating a significantly lower number of bottles per capita).

UK is where the sparkling volume growth is: Of the top 10 countries in sparkling consumption (by volume), the UK has the second highest growth rate (and the highest in the EU) predicted from 2010 – 2014, at 12%

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