Why Digby

Why Digby

At Digby, our ambition is to make some of the best sparkling wine in the world, to be the best that we can be and to be a trail blazer in helping the world to fall in love with Britain all over again for this unexpected, new product category. Learn more about Our Ethos.

What is required to take a glass of fizz from good to great, from nice to world-class, you ask?  Tremendously lots of love, care, thought and more love.  With a bit of luck thrown in, this recipe gives you a glass of wine that:

  • Is distinctive, with a confident and unique expression
  • Has balance, elegance and complexity
  • Stays true to its origins
  • Has personality and pizzazz

Britain has 658 vineyards and 164 wineries, with no established grading system.  So how did Digby go about seeking to be the best? It all starts with a strong creative drive.  Trevor’s blending vision: our house style is led by our artist-in-chief, CEO & Head Blender Trevor.


After a lot of tasting and travelling across the South East, we have identified and built relationships with the top 1% of English vineyards – to make the cut, a vineyard has to be a proven, already-in-production site, a keen pursuit of sustainability and representing a distinct facet of English terroir. We are very proud of our portfolio of growers, so much so that they are top secret!  Individual quality, collective variety = blended magic.  This process has made Digby unique in England, we are the first negociant or blending house in this country.  Learn more about the power of the diversity of our vineyards here.


Our winemaking ethos is, having so carefully selected each vineyard, to let each parcel of fruit from that site shine in all its individual glory, with as little intervention as possible.  Our consultant winemaker, Dermot Sugrue, is often whispered to be the best in England.  He comes with decades of experience making sparkling wine from sites across English Wine Country, and a purity of approach that yields base wines that each have their own story to tell.  Learn more about how we achieve our chrystaline character and what makes our wines vegetarian and vegan here.


In a very short time (we only launched for sale in 2013) our wines have come to be recognised as some of the very best (don’t just take our word for it, see here), have taken on the unassailable, and have become available around the world (see more here about where we are available)


Digby and English sparkling wine are seeking to do nothing less than create the new global standard in excellence for fizz – be a part of the movement, order a bottle today!


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Why Digby
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Why Digby
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