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Trevor Clough

Co-Founder & CEO & Head Blender

Trevor is our creative nexus – he is a business strategist and leads Digby’s development. Previously he was a management consultant in London advising executives in the Travel / Transport, Retail, Financial Services and Public Sector industries. His childhood dream had been to become an architect and that creative urge is part of what led him to want to chuck it all in, become an entrepreneur and learn a new artform – the blending of fine sparkling wine.

Raised in Germany, Trevor holds an MBA from London Business School and a BA from Brown University (USA) in International Relations & Economics.

Trevor’s favourite all-time moment drinking Digby:

Drinking Non Vintage Brut at a garden party in the British Embassy in Washington DC on the day that Prince Harry and Meghan got married.

Jason Humphries

Co-Founder & NED

Jason is our engineer with flair – he set up our operations and network of long-term partnerships with our vineyards. Previously Jason directed cloud-based speech-recognition services for a portfolio of global telecommunications companies serving hundreds of millions of end consumers, with a careful eye for design, execution and customer service. He is specialised in new, innovative service start-ups: planning, launch and maintenance of infrastructure, operations and global teams.

Day-to-day Jason is back in the scientific world, bringing his data science background to bear on cool tech to manage down the carbon intensity of energy use in the home.   He remains an active member of the Digby Board.  Jason holds an MA and a PhD, both in Information Engineering, from Cambridge University.

Jason’s favourite all-time moment drinking Digby:

Seeing Digby on the menu at Select Oyster Bar in Boston (USA), just a block from where I used to live during my ex-pat days working in speech recognition technology

Ewen Cameron


Ewen is our wine industry sage – he has led, participated, and advised in a broad range of mainly UK based M&A projects often in the drinks sector. For example, he acted as Chairman of Forth Wines Ltd – having led the acquisition in 2010. From 1993 to 2003 he was Managing Director / Chairman with The Waverly Group, the wine and spirit subsidiary of Scottish & Newcastle PLC.

Ewen’s favourite all-time moment drinking Digby:

Friday evening usually, soft lights, even softer music, and something simple but strangely rewarding to eat. My wife and I, bottle of Digby, and no Trevor and Jason to worry about until Monday…….

Dermot Sugrue

Consulting Winemaker

Dermot is our resident purist – he comes with a formidable combination of traits – years of experience here in England making fine sparkling wine with all of the ups and downs that our climate entails, an uncompromising approach to coaxing the unique best out of every parcel of fruit his clients bring him, plus an Irishman’s gift of the gab and huge heart.

He studied Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, then Viticulture and Oenology at Plumpton College, part of the University of Brighton.

Following vintages in the UK and France, in 2003 he joined Nyetimber Vineyard and was appointed Winemaker in 2004. In 2006, he decided to establish a new contract winery in West Sussex, in collaboration with the Wiston Estate which planted one vineyard and recycled a set of existing agricultural buildings into a top-class sparkling winery. He has gone on to be involved in many of England’s top wines, and it is often whispered he is the best winemaker in the country. We sure think so!

Dermot’s favourite all-time moment drinking Digby:

After the 2009 was declared the Best English Sparkling Wine in the 2014 World Championships

Lucinda Laing

Lucinda Laing

Director of Operations

Lucinda Laing is our calm in the face of the (entrepreneurial) storm. How do you spell unflappable? She keeps our operations, logistics, planning and administration humming, all with a smile. Her background includes years as a project manager at McKinsey in London and as a certified yoga guru.

Lucinda’s favourite all-time moment drinking Digby:

When walking into the Tasting Room from the office and a customer greeted me with “You must be Lady Digby?”

Conor in Swiss Vineyard

Conor Milne

Assistant Operations Manager

Conor started his career as a software trainer & consultant before taking the plunge into wine. Spending time in Australia and New Zealand, working in vineyards and wineries before arriving in England and joining Digby. Conor is currently studying winemaking and uses his blend of tech skills and winemaking knowledge to help bolster the Digby team.

Conor’s favourite all-time moment drinking Digby:

The first time trying the 2010 Vintage Reserve Brut in Arundel and thinking “this is the one!”

Callum Home, Tasting Room Manager

Callum Home

Tasting Room Manager and Head of Hospitality

Former apprentice pastry chef turning from back of house into front of house. Having trained with Master Sommelier Gerard Bassety, Callum has now turned his love of patisserie into sparkling wine and the history of Digby.

Callum’s favourite all-time moment drinking Digby:

Shortly after joining the team I celebrated my 21st birthday in the pandemic raising a socially distanced glass of Digby with family and friends outside in the pouring rain.

Tom Rathjen

Head of Finance

Tom Rathjen is our divining rod in the complex world of wine. Back when we came up with the idea for our company, we would never have imagined how complex wine can be. Though we are but a small and young company, making wine is not straightforward. Tom’s years as FD to publicly traded companies and the like help us to manage all of our relationships and the five plus year manufacturing cycle for a bottle of Digby so we can report to our collective of UK and international investors.

Tom’s favourite all-time moment drinking Digby:

Seeing Digby for sale at a grocery store in HOUSTON, TEXAS!


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